Cryogen-free variable temperature scanning SQUID microscope

Published in Review of Scientific Instruments, 2019

Citation: Logan Bishop-Van Horn, Zheng Cui, John R. Kirtley, and Kathryn A. Moler , "Cryogen-free variable temperature scanning SQUID microscope", Review of Scientific Instruments 90, 063705 (2019).

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Summary: This paper describes the construction of a variable temperature scanning SQUID microscope in a dry cryostat, enabling precision magnetometry and susceptometry at sample temperatures from 2.8 K to over 100 K. We demonstrated this capability by imaging Abrikosov vortices and spatial inhomogeneity due to twin domains in optimally-doped YBCO through its critical temperature at roughly 93 K (see image below).

Imaging vortices in YBCO